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Armstreet Associates, LLC is a firm of independent loss adjusters and consultants, specializing in energy related claims and serving insurance professionals on a global basis.

The oil and gas industry continues to develop new technology for the exploration, production, transmission and refining of petroleum products. This rapidly developing technology provides unique challenges for oil and gas operators as well as drilling and service contractors. With an increasing emphasis on new onshore exploration horizons, as well as offshore deepwater technology, the equipment utilized for twenty-first century drilling and production represents a substantial investment for oil companies and contractors. A significant challenge also exists for risk managers and insurance professionals to maintain insurance coverage for the inherent risks associated with these operations.

When losses occur, during routine operations or arising from the perils of nature, it is important to have industry experienced claim professionals investigate the facts. This enables prompt advice to Insurers so that a determination of coverage can be made and adequate loss reserves can be established in a timely manner.

Armstreet Associates, LLC holds firm to the concept that prompt and equitable claims settlement - for both the Insured and the Insurer - is the prime element for good insurance practice.

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